Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Communities that support story change

Jess September 19, 2022

Changing the stories we use to relate to our practice does not have to be a lonely process. Your community can help make that change. In this last section, you will find different forums that can help you in this process. 

To complete this section, include at least two contributions (new entry or a reply to a colleague) in one of the three forums.

1. Forum: Repository of narrative mechanisms

In the previous lesson you explored some of the narrative mechanisms that you have used to change your own stories. Here, you are invited to share the changes you have made to your stories. These mechanisms can be a useful example for other teachers.

How did your story change? Tell other teachers about it

2. Forum: Repository of supports

Was there anything that helped you make this change? Was it a conversation with a colleague? perhaps with your family? reading a book? or participating in a training course?

Share with other teachers the context in which you made these changes.

3. Forum: Space for story transformation

Finally, we open a space to talk with other teachers and help you to transform stories about situations that are currently generating difficulties in your work. In this space you can contribute in different ways: 

  1. Would you like other teachers to help you change a story? Share with them the stories of those situations that worry you.
  2. How can you help other teachers transform their story? Read the stories shared by your colleagues:
    • You can offer alternative stories about similar situations.
    • You can ask about some of the issues in the story that are not clear to you. Adding more details to parts of the story can be an excellent starting point for transforming it.