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Teacher stories and emotional experience (I)

Jess September 19, 2022

The stories that teachers use to relate to their day-to-day lives influence their emotional experience. Which types of stories promote well-being and which hinder it? The following video presents the results of a research aimed at answering this question: [this needs to be answered?!]

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Take a look at the following (fictional) story:

I have been quite nervous for a few days, I can't deal with these children, every day, every day the same thing, as soon as I start talking they interrupt me, I can't even finish a sentence. I am quite worried because at the end of the course the education department will evaluate the level of these children and I have to give the material. Sometimes I wonder if I am invisible, because I don't understand it, it seems disrespectful to me, I can't allow them to interrupt all day, so when they interrupt I punish them, I have to punish them but, do you think they care?, they forget the punishments.I have tried everything. At the beginning, I made a behavior grid: whoever interrupts, they are marked on the grid. They didn't care. Then I told them that three warnings meant no yard, but that didn't work either. The students continue to interrupt me, and it affects me a lot, because it is disrespectful! And besides, I can't give them the content, in the end they will get a very low grade in the education department's assessment and I have the responsibility to make sure they get good results!