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More information: http://www.erims.udl.cat/index.php/erims-english/

Selected publications

  • Clara, M. (2017). Teacher resilience and meaning transformation: How teachers reappraise situations of adversity. Teaching and Teacher Education, 63, 82-91.
  • Clarà, M. (2016). Vygotsky and Vasilyuk on Perezhivanie: Two Notions and
    One Word, Mind, Culture, and Activity, 23:4, 284-293, https://doi.org/10.1080/10749039.2016.1186194
  • Clarà, M. (2015). Representation and emotion causation: A cultural psychology approach. Culture & Psychology21(1), 37-58.

Project team:

Principal Investigator: Marc Clarà (University of Lleida, Spain)


Alba Vallés Sisamón (University of Lleida, Spain)

Patricia Silva (University of Lleida, Spain)

Jordi Coiduras (University of Lleida, Spain)


Maria Helena Abrahão (São Paulo State University, Brazil)

Fabiano Ramos (Federal University of Goiás, Brazil)

Bárbara Padula (Federal University of Goiás, Brazil)


Bernardita Justiniano (Universidad Casagrande, Ecuador)

Claudia Patricia Uribe (Universidad Casagrande, Ecuador)

Estefanía Luzuriaga (Universidad Casagrande, Ecuador)


Tatiana López (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile)


Patrick A. Danaher (University of Southern Queensland, Australia)

Patrick Danaher has taught in secondary school and university settings in Queensland and Victoria, Australia. His main research interests include the education of occupationally mobile communities; education research ethics, methods, politics and theories; and academics’, educators’ and researchers’ work and identities. Patrick has conducted interviews with principals/headteachers and teachers working with occupationally mobile learners in Australia, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. He is currently Professor in Educational Research and Associate Dean (Research and Research Training) in the Faculty of Business, Education, Law and Arts at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia; Adjunct Professor in the School of Education and the Arts at Central Queensland University; and Docent in Social Justice and Education at the University of Helsinki, Finland. Email: patrick.danaher@usq.edu.au

Bobby Harreveld (CQUniversity, Australia)

Bobby Harreveld has taught in schools, further education and vocational training, and university settings. She researches in inclusive education and employment transition pathways, the scholarship of learning and teaching, and the capability development of educators. Bobby has published in areas of professional and vocational education, open and distance education, post graduate and early career researcher education, internationalization of education, and on education issues across the disciplines of vocational and higher education. She is a Professor of Education in the School of Education and the Arts, Central Queensland University. Email: b.harreveld@cqu.edu.au

Nick Kelly (Queensland University of Technology, Australia)

Dr Nick Kelly is a Senior Research Fellow at the Queensland University of Technology and Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at the University of Southern Queensland) in Australia. His research in teacher education focuses upon the way that positive psychology can influence the teaching profession and the formation of teachers. In practice, this involves research into online communities of teachers, teacher autonomy, and teacher retention. Research web site: www.nickkellyresearch.com

Debbie Mulligan (University of Southern Queensland, Australia)

debbie mulligan

Deborah Mulligan has taught extensively in primary school settings throughout Queensland, Australia as well as in Essex, England. One of her major research interests is the impact of low literacy rates among boys aged between 4 and 12 years. This overarching topic includes subtopics such as the influence of low academic self-esteem; gendered learning, male academic role models such as fathers and other family members as well as appropriate adult males from the wider community. Deborah ran a highly successful and nationally recognised program called ‘Real Men Read’ for five years in a primary school setting. She also facilitated boys’ and dads’ weekends away where activities centred around collaborative writing between boys and dads (or another appropriate accompanying adult). Deborah is currently taking time off from teaching to complete her PhD at the University of Southern Queensland. Email: dmull02@gmail.com

Karen Peel (University of Southern Queensland, Australia)

Karen Peel is a Lecturer in Initial Teacher Education at the University of Southern Queensland.  She has extensive experience in curriculum design and implementation of practices for effective teaching and learning.  Her doctoral research investigated the concept of self-regulated learning with respect to teachers’ pedagogical practices for supportive learning in the Australian educational system.  She has contributed scholarship to improve understanding about pedagogy for teachers’ professional learning in relation to promoting opportunities for students to self-regulate their learning.  Most recently, drawing on her research, Karen has designed and led course teaching teams in the area of Classroom Behaviour Management to contribute to pre-service teachers developing classroom readiness and meeting the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) Graduate Standards.  As an experienced scholar in this field, Karen ensures that research and theory underpin practical approaches to curriculum, teaching and learning.